01 October, 2011

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Bongade a Dodo - 01 October, 2011
KM, Nitrogen, noise
Krool Kickz & Partysmartie - So Not Berlin
Congorock - Sirius
Zombie Nation - Day of Many
Florence & the Machine - Dog Days are Over (Optimo industrial house remix)
The Beatles - Because (David Lee Crow remix)
(V) Wolfgang Gartner - Illmerica
Mord Fustang - The Electric Dream (Sam Worsley remix)
Engelmacher - All in Good Time (reprise)
Temple of Tears - Wreck Me
Frozen Plasma - Warmongers
X Marks the Pedwalk - Drawback
Assemblage 23 - How Can You Sleep
INXS - Shine Like it Does
The Rope - Poison Pill
(V) Deadmau5 - Sofi Needs a Ladder (Milkman remix)
(V) Tiesto vs. Diplo (C'mon)
T&F Project - What is Good
Suicide Commando - Hellraiser (psychopath 2)
Nachtmahr - Tanzdiktator (Modulate remix)
[:SITD:] - Rot (v1.0)
VNV Nation - Beloved (grey dawn version)
(R) Project Pitchfork - Timekiller (Project Pitchfork remix)
Combichrist - Shut Up and Swallow
Alien Vampires - To Die With You
Marilyn Manson - This Is The New Shit (Krool Kickz remix)
Rotersand - Undone
Covenant - Flux
Destroid - Silent World
(R) Icon Of Coil - Everything Is Real
(V) Repo! - Zydrate Anatomy
(R)(V) Rammstein - Feuer Frei! (lego version)
(V) Psyclon Nine - Parasitic
Skrillix - Reptile's Theme
Gesaffelstein - Viol to Aufstand (Gold 'n' Grams edit)
(R) E Nomine - Vater Unser
(R)(V) Wolfsheim - Find You're Gone
(R)(V) Depeche Mode - Precious
(R)(V) Goldfrapp - Train
(R)(V) Benny Benassi - Who's Your Daddy?
(V) Make the Girl Dance - Baby Baby Baby
Röyksopp - What Else is There? (Trentemøller remix)
(R) IAMX - Spit it Out (Designer Drugs remix)
(R) The Prodigy - Thunder
(R)(V) Freestylers - Cracks (Ctrl-Z remix)
(R) Brüdershaft - Return (Imperative Reaction remix)
(R) And One - Take Some More
(R) Apoptygma Berzerk - Non-Stop Violence
(R)(V) Combichrist - Electrohead
Grendel - Zombie Nation v.2k5
(R) Extinction Front - The Final Attack
(R) Robyn - Konichiwa Bitches (Trentemøller remix)
(R) Blue Foundation - Eyes On Fire (Zeds Dead remix)
(R) Shiny Toy Guns - Major Tom
David Bowie - Fame ('90 remix)
(R)(V) NIN - Closer
(R)(V) Ladyton - Destroy Everything You Touch
(R)(V) Infected Mushroom - Becoming Insane
(R)(V) Infected Mushroom - I Wish
(R) Deftones - Change (in the house of flies)
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