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Streaming Club Nights


ISOLATION: DJ Slave1 spins live Dark Electronic music: Electro/Industrial/EBM/IDM/Futurepop/Synthwave/Dreampop/WitchHouse
11pm EST


DJ Julian Black's Quarantine Live Stream!


Mixtape: Alternative 80s Music Edition Every Sat w/ DJ Slave1
11pm EST

Online Radio

FrequenZ Industrial Mixshow A weekly exploration of Post-Industrial and EBM/New Beat music, with a smattering of other darker electronic music subgenres. The show focuses on bringing you the latest & greatest music, while also providing some old reliables.



Communion After Dark Communion After Dark is the Internet's leading alternative-electronic music podcast: Industrial, EBM, synth pop, dark electro and more.

Dark Horizons Radio

Nightbreed Radio

The Requiem Podcast Each week one of The Requiem's DJ's will be spinning a new Goth,Industrial mix for your listening pleasure.

=Sanctuary Radio= Dark Electro, Industrial, EBM, Goth, & Retro 80s http://www.sanctuaryradio.com/

Vampirefreaks Radio

Decayed Lace - Kristen - (Rock, Goth, Industrial)
Weekly on Sunday, 10pm – 12am Rock, Goth, Industrial music. Put on your black eyeliner and fishnets, everybody: It’s A Goth Party!

Over The Edge!! - Andrew Cardinal (Rock, Goth, Punk, Industrial)
Weekly on Thursday, 12am – 2am Rock, Goth, Punk, Industrial and whatever Andrew feels like spinning.

WFKU Gothic Subculture and Underground Music
Dark Alternative Internet Radio Catering to the Gothic Subculture with Goth, Deathrock, Witchhouse, Postpunk, experimental music.

Wormwood Radio


The Belfry Network

Cemetery Confessions
Cemetery Confessions is a podcast created as a community learning and discussion outlet for goths, and those interested in the subculture. On the show we discuss news related to the goth experience, by employing academic use of sociology, philosophy, and epistemology; we also review music, movies and a lot more!
GothCast is a podcast centered on the gothic subculture. With Dr.Sanders and Robbie Gore they cover the current news, fashion and music in the goth scene.

The Morbid Anatomy Transmission
The Morbid Anatomy Transmission is the official podcast of the Morbid Anatomy Museum in Brooklyn, New York.

Positronic Radio

Prairie Goth
Fake Goth Girls