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Harder Forbidden Thursday with Guest Fenris and a Stitch of Trouble - 05 October, 2017
Lorth, Spier, noise
Rein - Concrete Jungle
Wumpscut - Soylent Green
Spetsnaz - On the Edge (bodybeats version 2.0)
Le Castle Vania - Red Circle (LED spirals and shots fired)
Neon Jungle - Trouble
GosT - Behemoth (Perturbator remix)
Andromeda - the 80's Fighting Spirit (Dance With the Dead remix)
Imperative Reaction - Fallout
FGFC820 - Society
Hocico - Dead Trust
Nightmare - Your Ol' Lady (Andy's iLL remix)
Psyclon Nine - Fleash Harvest
Chrom - Memories
[V] Vampire - Feel the Terror (A-1)
Kaze ft. Daniel Anibal - Vampire Anthem (A-2)
Kill the Noise - Saturn
HJM - 222 (Marco V remix)
Tom Petty - Learning to Fly (Red Rockerz remix)
Tim Tonik - CommercialFuck (For FLsh remix)
Black Tiger Sex Machine - Midnight Violence
Prodigy - Baby's Got a Temper (DoubKore & Viliv bootleg)
Magic Box - Carillon (devochka Cool bootleg)
Joel Fletcher & BIJOU - Dip
Your bunny Rot - Orange Crush (R.E.M. cover)
Deadmau5 - Cthulhu Dreamers
Rob Zombie - Sick Bubblegum (Skrillex Remix)
Fukkk Offf - Love Me Hate Me Kiss Me Kill Me (Devotchka Remix)
Statiqbloom - Talons Teeth
Acylum - Born to Be Hated
[:SITD:] - Mundios
Suicide Commando - Death Lies Waiting ([:SITD:] remix)
Evildozer - Infernality
the Firm Incorporated - Abgebrannt (In Your Face)
Chainreactor - Wanna Break Out
SAM - Arm of Justice
Phosgore - VX
Shaolyn - Face Down
Amduscia - Fuck the Fucking Fuckers
(V) Chamaeleon - Suppression
Hocico - Where Words Fail, Hate Speaks
Front Line Assembly - Plasicity
God Module - the Source
Velvet Acid Christ - Pretty Toy
Dismantled - the Hero (Sleepless Droids remix)
Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers - Mary Jane's Last Dance (Rock Shock remix)
Dusty Fungus - Surreal Futurist (Fine Cut Bodies' Angry Vortex remix)
Tool - Stinkfist (Inure remix)
Spundoe - Starseeds Are Us
(V) Squid Lid - Shark Club
(V) Huoratron - XXVI Crimes of Love
(V) Kill The Noise & Feed Me - I Do Coke
(V) Dillon Francis & NGHTMRE - Need You
Mr. Kristopher - Sacrifice
Knightbots - the Hound (Perhopes remix)
(V) Street Fever - La Corde
(V) Vitalic - Waiting For The Stars
(V) Boy Harsher - Motion
(V) Human Machine - Polymorphism
(V) Carpenter Brut - Le Perv
ALEX - Dread
Das Mortal - Jennifer
Selva x Zerky - Make Me Wanna
Brian Reitzell feat. Debbie Harry & Shirely Manson - Tehran 1979
Hot Natured - Reverse Skydiving (Alok, Icy Sasaki Bootleg)
Andi - Object: Crucifix
Delectro - Mechanic
[V] Le Matos - La Mer Des Possibilities