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Bondage a Go Go - 30 December, 2017
Fenris, dv8, noise
(V) Gedz - Tears
(V) Austra - I Love More Than You Love Yourself
(V) Principe Valiente - Strangers in the Night
Mari Chrome - Here I Am (alternate by Mari Chrome)
(V) Priest - the Pit
(V) Formalin - My Fetish
(V) Faderhead - Stand Up
(V) the Agnes Circle - Porcelin
Alex - Akuma
(V) Liquid Rooms - a Flash in the Night
(V) Zynic - Neon Oblivion
(V) X Marks the Pedwalk - Secrets
Empathy Test - Last Night on Earth
(V) Das Mortal - Risking My Life
(V) Night Drive - Where I End and You Begin
(V) Replicant - a Taste of Midnight
(V) Ritual Howls - Blood Red Moon
Absurd Minds - One World
Funker Vogt - Hostile Waters
Xenturion Prime - Bulldozer (club version)
Chainreactor - Legendary Suffering
(R) Tactical Sekt - 4 Steps to Dysfunction
Agonoize - Dead But Not Gone
E-Craft - Electrocution
(R) Centhron - Cunt
(V) Phosgore - Diagnosis
(V) Angelspit - Vena Cava
(V) Nyxx - Nightmare
Into the Pale Abyss - Caustique
(V) Street Fever - La Corde
(R) Parralox - Creep
(R) VNV Nation - Control
Front Line Assembly - Maniacal
(R) Infected Mushroom - Becoming Insane (SynSUN remix)
Warriors - Going To The Party (byob Remix)
Claudinho Brasil, Harmonika - O Fortuna (Zanon remix)
(R)(V) the Sisters of Mercy - Walk Away
the Cure - Charlotte Sometimes
(R)(V) In This Moment - Roots
(V) Diary of Dreams - Epicon
(V) 3TEETH - Atrophy
(R)(V) Dope - Thieves
(V) Lindsey Sterling - Mirage
(R) T. Rex vs. Shiny Toy Guns - Get it On at Le Disko
Felguk - Work it Harder
(R)(V) Faderhead - When the Freaks Come Out
Eisenbrecher - Eisbar (remix)
(R) Funker Vogt - Der Letzte Tantz
Neuroticfish - They Are Coming to Take Me Away
(R) Feindflug - Glaubenskrieg
Suicide Commando - Hellraiser (VNV Nation remix)
(R)(V) Santa Hates You - Raise the Devil
(V) Junksista - Queer (feat. Ladyhell)
(R)(V) Night Club - Dear Enemy
(V) Moby - Like a Motherless Child
(R)(V) David Bowie - Afraid of Americans
(V) Gary Numan - My Name is Ruin
Wumpscut - Wreath of Barbs
d.notive - Second Chances
(R)(V) Aesthetic Perfection - Never Enough